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Welcome to Islamicare – Parenting Helpline.Images_jpeg_rgb_96dpi15

Islamicare aims to support Australian Muslim families who are experiencing difficulties in a modern world with many social challenges.
They can vary from inter-generational communication problems between parents and their teenage children to more complex situations with children experiencing drug and alcohol abuse or getting in trouble with the law.
This website is designed to give you ideas and suggestions on tackling some of these issues.
We want to be the first port of call and if our experienced counselors cant help you directly, then we can put you in touch with professionals that will deal with your matter discreetly and confidentially.

This is not a Youth Counseling Helpline.
It is designed for PARENTS who are having trouble getting through to their children and don’t know what to do.
Sometimes you have religious questions, or you might need some support about how to deal with your son or daughter, our counselors can help.
If you are a young Muslim who needs support, don’t hesitate you can also use this website, our counselors are trained to help with youth issues as well or we can refer you to another helpful service.


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