We know that there are many young Muslims and Parents alike in Australia who are in need of the Islamicare Helpline, the issue that we have is that not all of those Muslims in distress know about the service that Islamicare provides.

The Islamicare Outreach program is designed to give parents and youth an opportunity to learn more and discover the best way to deal with the issues that we are facing.

However we need your help! We need you to help us reach as many young Muslims as possible, through social media, email, text message and all other forms of communication.
By you sharing the Reach Out campaign with your personal network you could help someone unknowingly who could be:
• Dealing with stress
• Living with low self esteem
• Dealing with a loss in the family
• Experiencing family conflict or breakdown
and many more issues.

What can I do?


Visit https://www.facebook.com/islamicarehelpline and share the link


Email the link http://www.islamicare.org.au to all your contacts to raise awareness of the islamicare website and outreach program for parents and the service it provides.


Send a message via your WhatApp to all of your contacts telling them about the Islamicare Helpline.