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You can volunteer for FAIR’s Islamicare Project by becoming a telephone counsellor or a youth MENTOR.

Counselling /Telephone Operator

If you are a qualified counsellor or studying in your final year, then you can become a part time counsellor.

There’s not much time commitment (usually a few hours a day).

We are looking for passionate, caring and understanding people, who want to make a difference to the lives of those in our community who have nowhere to turn.

If you think this is you, then send your resume to the email below.



What is mentoring?

“It’s a willingness on the part of somebody who has a wealth of experience to share their knowledge, with someone who doesn’t have as much experience – with no eye toward getting anything back. It’s about investing and giving back.”


Role of the Mentor

  •  Assist your mentee/buddy in general with advice and guidance regarding youth issues and to provide support if any questions arise
  • To assist if there are any problems with other people, in a discreet way eg, 
bullying (any incident of bullying)
  • To monitor the mentee and discuss any issues.
  • To guide the mentee in understanding best practice as a Muslim
  • Assist with the various facets of Islam, daily prayers and wudu, other questions about religious practice



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